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How to Choose the Perfect Guitar Gig Bag

Our Crossrock gig bag

Learn how to choose the perfect gig bag:


Generally speaking, a decent entry-level guitar gig bag always costs about $30-$40. The most important characteristics must include the following details.


10mm (2/5″) padding is the basic requirement. Sponge and EPE foam are the most common materials that can be found in gig bags. Compare with the sponge, EPE foam absolutely performs better in impact - resistance and durability.

EPE Foam on a padded gig bag

Backpack Straps

  • Padding: a pair of thick padded backpack straps will definitely make musicians’ journeys more comfortable.

  • Joints: the joints always decide the durability of the guitar bag, especially for the gig bag of electric guitar or electric bass due to the heavyweight of the instruments.

  • Buckles: the entry-level guitar bag always comes with plastic buckles. The quality of the buckles is very important to the safety of the guitar on your back.

Focus on the sraps of our gig bag


The sandwich padded handle is more comfortable while the lengthened straps with the grabbing padding style handle are more durable and strong. Hence, it is a good idea to apply the sandwich-style handle on gig bags of acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and mandolins while using the stronger handle for heavier instruments like the electric guitar, electric bass, and banjo.

The handle on our gig bag


As a basic guitar gig bag, the water-resistant fabric will definitely offer better protection to your guitar on rainy days. However, it doesn’t mean the case can help the guitar survive in continuous heavy rain. It is just a basic gig bag after all.

Water being spashed onto our water resistan fabric gig bag


The quality of the zipper decides the life of a guitar bag. There are many size zippers in the market and the No.10 must be the best choice because it is large, strong, and smooth. And don’t forget the zipper puller. Many basic gig bags use low-quality metal pullers or even cheap plastic. Please keep it in mind: a decent zipper and pullers can help your gig bag live longer.

Close up of the metal zippers of our gig bag


How to make a good choice of a basic guitar gig bag? Convenience is always a point that musicians must pay attention to. It will be a bonus if the guitar case comes with a big pocket and offer enough space for the necessary materials like cables, strings, and everything.

Close up of the large accessory pocket of our gig bag

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