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Musician walking the street with their Orange Crossrock Case

We Work with Artists

None of us succeeds alone, that's why we love to support musicians, no matter how big or small. Art makes this world a beautiful place to live in. Keep art and music alive.


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Our straightforward process welcomes artists of all backgrounds and skill levels, offering a range of benefits to support the creative process

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Get Discount

Once the application accepted, you will be eligible of the exclusive artist discount. We're excited to partner and help you create and perform at your best.

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Event Sponsor

We offer customized collaboration opportunities. From designing custom cases to creating unique promotional materials.

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Work Together

We're committed to supporting our artists in every way possible, and we're excited to explore new opportunities to work together.

Join Us

Crossrock is always committed to offering great cases to protect artists' music passion. We work with each other and grow up together. Join us and let us be your best friend on the music journey. 

Thanks for submitting!

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