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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Handmade Guitar

Looking for a high-quality guitar can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to handmade instruments. Handmade guitars can be costly, but there are several reasons why you should invest in one from a custom builder rather than a mass-produced brand-name guitar or custom shop.

While handmade guitars can be expensive, they can be surprisingly affordable compared to the upper-line models of factory-brand guitars. Investing in a handmade guitar can be a wise decision for a player who wants a unique, high-quality instrument that will provide an enjoyable playing experience for years to come.

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There are several reasons why someone might choose to buy a handmade guitar:

Quality and Playability

Many famous guitar brands gave turned to mass production, resulting in a decrease in quality. These factory-assembled guitars lack individuality and fail to produce the full tone of an instrument. Handmade guitars, on the other hand, are voiced individually, allowing for adjustments that result in a better-sounding guitar. Because they are made one at a time, the luthier can pay closer attention to each detail and ensure that every component is of the highest quality, adjusting things like brace height and top thickness, resulting in an all-better playing experience.


Custom builders can match your specific needs, including inlay work like choosing the type of wood, the shape and size of the body, the type of pickups, and other components that will make your guitar unique. Supporting a craftsperson investing their best skills into making a dream instrument for you, and having documentation of the build process with photos showing progress, is also a nice bonus.


Handmade guitars are often praised for their unique, high-quality sound. The luthier can work with you to ensure that the guitar produces the sound you are looking for, whether you want a bright, clear sound or a warm, mellow tone.


It’s true. Handmade guitars can be a good investment since they are often one-of-a-kind pieces made by skilled craftsmen, they can hold their value over time and even increase in value.

Supporting small business

When you buy a handmade guitar, you support a small business and a skilled craftsman. This can be a rewarding feeling, knowing that your purchase is helping to support someone passionate about their craft.

In conclusion, individual voicing, customization options, and supporting a craftsperson are just a few reasons why investing in a handmade guitar is worth it. So, take the time to talk to a custom builder and design a guitar that will meet your specific needs and desires.

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